Exercise After Plastic Surgery: What You Need to Know

Woman running after recovering from a plastic surgery procedureIt should come as no surprise that exercise is an important part of achieving and maintaining a healthy physique. Living an active lifestyle is key, especially if you’re hoping to slim down or to sustain your current figure.

If you’ve chosen to invest in yourself by undergoing plastic surgery, exercise should remain an important part of your lifestyle.

3 Reasons to Continue Exercising After Plastic Surgery

While some people believe that plastic surgery will provide them with the sustainable results they are looking for, the truth is that exercise is key even after a plastic surgery procedure.

Here are a few of the key reasons why you should continue a regular exercise routine even after you’ve undergone breast surgery, liposuction, a tummy tuck, a facelift, or any other plastic surgery procedure.

1. Exercise Can Aid in the Healing Process Post-Surgery

Though you’ll certainly have to take it easy in the days and weeks following your procedure, easing back into a regular exercise routine can have a positive effect on your recovery. Exercise has been shown to speed up the healing process and improve the outcomes of surgical procedures.

2. Exercise Can Help You Sustain Your Procedure Results

Plastic surgery can help you on your way to achieving the look you’ve hoped for, but continuing regular exercise and a responsible diet is the way to maintain your results well into the future. If you’re hoping for sustainable results, exercising regularly is key and will help you to continue looking and feeling your best moving forward.

3. Exercise Has Positive Health Effects

Aside from contributing to sustaining your plastic surgery results, exercise has a plethora of additional benefits. Regular exercise and an active lifestyle can help you to maintain good overall mental and physical health. If you are hoping to stay in shape and feeling your best mentally and physically, you should continue to make exercise a priority.

While returning to a regular exercise routine after plastic surgery has many benefits and advantages, there are a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to exercising after surgery.

Exercising After A Plastic Surgery Procedure

If you’re planning to return to your regular exercise routine following your cosmetic procedure and recovery – good for you! Doing so is a great first step towards maintaining your results and helping your body stay in good overall health always.

As you approach your recovery and your return to regular exercise, keep the following in mind:

Maintain Your Exercise Routine Up To The Day Of Surgery

Knowing that your surgical procedure is coming up, you may be tempted to put your regular exercise routine on the back burner. For best results, however, it’s recommended that you keep exercising up until the day of your surgery. Being in good physical shape will help you to be well prepared to recover quickly and resume your exercise routine as soon as possible after surgery.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

After surgery, the most important thing to remember about exercising is to follow your doctor’s instructions closely. Your guidelines for returning to exercise and activity will vary depending on the procedure you’ve undergone and your specific situation. Your doctor knows what’s best for you and will tailor your recovery accordingly, adjusting it as necessary based on how you are progressing.

Take It Easy for the First 48 Hours

Depending on your procedure, you’ll probably be feeling a bit under the weather in the hours and days immediately following your surgery. Be prepared to take it very easy during this first period of your recovery, and focus on regaining your energy and letting your body move beyond the stress of surgery.

Ease Back In & Don’t Over Do It

Exercise can be an important and beneficial part of your recovery, but only if you go at the pace approved by your doctor. Exercising too hard too soon after your surgery can actually be detrimental and may negatively impact the outcome of your procedure. With that in mind, it’s important to be prepared to ease back into your regular exercise routine at a slow, comfortable pace. Most patients can expect at least 6 weeks of restricted activity and exercise following plastic surgery.

Listen To Your Body

If something doesn’t feel right when you’re exercising, especially after a surgical procedure, don’t ignore it. Even if you are following your doctor’s instructions, be sure to listen to your body, stop if an activity or movement is painful, and bring up any unusual discomfort you may be experiencing with your doctor.

Post-Surgery Exercise: Resuming Activity After A Cosmetic Procedure

Exercising properly following your cosmetic procedure is key when it comes to aiding in your recovery and maintaining your results for years to come. Understanding what to expect when it comes to exercise after plastic surgery and following your doctor’s instructions can help you to be well prepared for whichever procedure you elect to undergo.

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