Liposuction Surgeon Near Saratoga Publishes Real Patient Stories

Dr. Juan Garcia, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Glens Falls, has published real patient stories on his Web site so that visitors can read some of his clients’ personal experiences with plastic surgery.

Dr. Juan Garcia of Garcia Plastic Surgery added real patient stories. The new feature includes before and after photos and candid testimonials from Dr. Garcia’s clients who benefited from procedures such as BOTOX® and liposuction.

“When choosing a plastic surgeon, patients want ‘to view real results, not just pictures of models,” says Dr. Garcia. “By reading about and viewing the results of a surgeon’s actual work, patients can assess his or her qualifications.”

The personal accounts of Dr. Garcia’s patients include detailed information such as their motivations for considering surgery, their expectations for the procedure, and their outlook after treatment. Visitors browsing the website can click on an individual that they identify with and read that patient’s compelling story. Dr. Garcia notes that by relating to another person’s experience, prospective patients often experience a reduced level of anxiety about plastic surgery.

“People need to feel that they understand the procedure, including the recovery process,” Dr. Garcia says. “When someone is making a choice about plastic surgery, it’s essential that they feel supported and have all the information necessary to make the right choice for achieving their cosmetic goals. I want to give my patients many different resources, to help them feel confident about their treatment decision.”

Dr. Garcia also provides support to people thinking about plastic surgery through patient referrals. Dr. Garcia offers to put new clients in touch with other patients who have gone through the same surgery so that they understand the procedure and have more realistic expectations.

“You can read up on a procedure and talk to a surgeon for more of an insider’s perspective,” explains Dr. Garcia. “It helps to talk with someone who’s experienced the procedure about their views and perspective as well.”

Patient stories shared online include tummy tuck, breast augmentation, “mommy makeovers,” and face lift surgery. Dr. Garcia also specializes in surgery for the hands and wrists. He operates at Glens Falls Hospital, Saratoga Hospital, and Saratoga Surgery Center and offers in-office cosmetic procedures at his facility on Park Street in Glens Falls.

Dr. Garcia offers plastic surgery procedures for the face, breast, and body in addition to a variety of medical spa services. Request a consultation or call his office at (518) 793-0475.