Local Plastic Surgeon Reports Growing Demand for Combined Procedures

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Juan Garcia is seeing an increasing trend of combining cosmetic procedures such as breast enlargement and liposuction to decrease total cost and recovery time.

An increasing number of breast enhancement patients are opting to have additional cosmetic surgeries as part of their procedure to save on operating costs and reduce total recovery time. Dr. Juan Garcia, a local plastic surgeon, says he is seeing growing interest in “combined” procedures from women aiming to get the most comprehensive results possible while avoiding multiple separate procedures.

“For some women and men, it makes sense to ‘group’ procedures during a single operation, in terms of total cost, safety, and recovery time,” Dr. Garcia explains. “I’ve found that many of my patients are more willing to plan ahead and have combined procedures instead of spacing out their surgeries.”

For many women, he says, the deciding factor is a reduction in total operating costs. Having two procedures at once instead of separately can significantly reduce fees for anesthesia, for example. Reduced total recovery time is also a major motivator.

“Recovery is definitely something that many women have in mind when they’re deciding to combine procedures,” says Dr. Garcia. “Even when my breast enlargement patients combine their procedure with a tummy tuck or liposuction, the added surgical time does not necessarily equate to an extra-long recovery. By choosing a combined procedure instead of separate ones, patients can cut their total recovery time significantly.”

Dr. Garcia lists breast enhancement and liposuction as two of the most popular procedures women choose to combine. This falls in line with new statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) identifying these two procedures as the most popular surgical enhancements nationwide. While Dr. Garcia expects to see the body/breast enhancement combination hold strong, patients are also combining less obviously “related” procedures for better results.

“I see patients with a wide range of needs and procedure interests because I serve the area from Glens Falls all the way to Saratoga Springs. Liposuction in particular can be a good choice for people who are already considering a breast or facial enhancement procedure,” notes Dr. Garcia. “I am also seeing more patients who want to learn about combining a facial procedure with something like breast augmentation or a breast lift. In every case, I will evaluate the patient individually and only recommend the procedures and treatments that I feel are best suited to achieve their goals.”

At your consultation, Dr. Garcia can answer your questions about whether a combined procedure is the best approach for your goals, your body, and your busy lifestyle. Request a consultation today or call (518) 793-0475 to find out how this approach can help you achieve the look you want.