Trigger Finger: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options in the Glens Falls Region

Trigger FingerTrigger Finger is a common yet painful condition that impacts the fingers. Also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, Trigger Finger causes pain and snapping of the tendons within the fingers. If you’re suffering from pain and discomfort in your hands, Trigger Finger may be to blame.

What Are The Symptoms of Trigger Finger?

There are a number of signs and symptoms that can indicate a case of Trigger Finger. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • A tender lump in your palm
  • Popping or clicking as you move your finger or thumb
  • Stiffness after inactivity
  • Swelling
  • Pain when bending or straightening your finger
  • Finger locking in a bent position, or catching in a bent position and then popping out straight

Trigger Finger can impact any fingers, though it typically affects the thumb, middle or ring fingers. It is possible for more than one finger can be affected at a time.

If you suspect you may have Trigger Finger, it is a good idea to make an appointment with your primary care physician or schedule a consultation with a hand and wrist specialist like Dr. Garcia. A simple examination and consultation will allow a qualified healthcare professional to determine whether or not you have Trigger Finger.

What Causes Trigger Finger?

Trigger Finger occurs when there is a size difference between a tendon and its protective sheath. This can occur if a tendon’s sheath becomes irritated or inflamed, interfering with the normal gliding motion that usually occurs when the tendon moves through the sheath.

What can cause this to occur? There are a few factors that have been found to impact Trigger Finger, including:

  • Repeated gripping for extended periods of time
  • Medical conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes

Trigger Finger is also more common among women than it is among men.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Trigger Finger?

There are a variety of treatment options available for Trigger Finger. The most appropriate option will depend on the severity of the Trigger Finger case you are suffering from.

Some Trigger Finger treatment options include:

Steroid Injections

These injections help to relieve swelling and inflammation so your finger can move freely and comfortably again.

Physical Therapy

Icing and/or heating the afflicted area, resting your hand, performing stretching exercises and wearing a splint are all options when it comes to physically relieving the symptoms of Trigger Finger.


A relatively short surgical procedure can help to release the tension in your tendon if other non-surgical options are not effective in treating Trigger Finger, or if your case of Trigger Finger is severe.

What Should I Do If I Think I May Have Trigger Finger?

If you’re suffering from some of the symptoms of Trigger Finger and you live in Glens Falls, Saratoga, the greater Capital District or the lower Adirondack region, make an appointment at Dr. Garcia Plastic & Hand Surgery today!

Dr. Juan Garcia has received specialized training from the Connecticut Combined Hand Surgery Fellowship and is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. With extensive knowledge of hand, wrist and elbow conditions and of the surgical and non-surgical options available to treat them, Dr. Garcia is a valuable resource and the partner you need if you think you’re suffering from Trigger Finger.

During your consultation, Dr. Garcia will personally examine you and discuss your symptoms, helping you get to the bottom of what’s causing the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing. He will work with you to develop a treatment plan and guide you every step of the way, no matter how you decide to go about treating Trigger Finger.

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