My CoolSculpting Journey, Part Three: The Results

My CoolSculpting Journey: The Results

In our last blog two posts, My CoolSculpting Journey, Part One: The Consultation, and My CoolSculpting Journey, Part Two: The Treatment, we followed real Garcia Plastic Surgery patient Emily undergo her initial CoolSculpting consultation and two treatments. Today, Emily will discuss her results!

My CoolSculpting Results Journey

My final reveal was ten weeks after my second treatment day. I was already seeing and feeling the effects of the treatments, so I was so anxious to see my before and after photos to see how well CoolSculpting worked!

My CoolSculpting Journey Stats

Overall, my CoolSculpting journey consisted of six office visits over a six month period:

  • Consultation Appointment
  • First Treatment Day (8 treatments)
  • 5 Week Check-In
  • 10 Week Check-In
  • Second Treatment Day (6 treatments)
  • 10 Week Final Reveal

My “Before” weight was 143.8lbs and my “After” weight was 137.4lbs. Below, you can see the before and after photos for each of my treatments.

Before Photos

Front view of CoolSculpting patient before the treatment - view of Abdomen from the front

Front side view of CoolSculpting patient abdomen and lovehandles before treatment

Left side view of a patient's lovehandles before CoolSculpting treatment

Back side view of a CoolSculpting patient before treatment - Before photo

Lower back view of a CoolSculpting patient before treatment - Before Photo

Right hand side view of the back and lovehandle of a CoolSculpting patient before treatment

Right side view of a CoolSculpting patient before treatment on the right hand side of lovehandles

View of the right side of a CoolSculpting patient on the right hand side of the abdomen and love handles

After Photos

Front view of CoolSculpting patient after abdomen and lovehandle treatments

CoolSculpting patient after treatment photo - Front left side view of stomach and lovehandles

Left side view of lovehandles after CoolSculpting treatment

Left and back side view of CoolSculpting patient after treatments

Lower Back view of patient after two rounds of CoolSculpting treatment

Right side lower back and lovehandle of a patient after CoolSculpting treatment - After Photo

Right side view of lovehandles of a CoolSculpting patient after the treatments

Front right side view of lovehandles and abdomen after two rounds of CoolSculpting treatment

My Closing Thoughts on CoolSculpting

Overall, I am extremely satisfied not only with my CoolSculpting results but my experience as a whole with the kind and knowledgeable staff at Garcia Plastic Surgery! From the consultation, to the treatments themselves, to check-ins, Sonja and her team made my CoolSculpting journey easy, comfortable, and relaxing.

As far as results, the change in my stomach and lower back are exactly what I wanted. I see significantly less stubborn fat in the treated areas, which means my clothes are fitting me better and my posture has improved. I still feel like I’m seeing continued results, even months after treatment. Not only that, but I feel so motivated to maintain my results and live a healthier life in terms of diet and exercise. On an added note, I did notice quicker improvements after my second session of treatments, so if you can do more than one set of CoolSculpting treatments, go for it! (That is, if Sonja recommends it of course.)

Get Started On Your Own CoolSculpting Journey Today!

If you want to see results like Emily, and get rid of excess fat cells in your inner thighs, outer thighs, love handles, abdominals, or double chin, take the first steps of your CoolSculpting journey by booking a consultation in our office today! Our CoolSculpting specialist Sonja Balcom will evaluate your body to see if you’re eligible, walk you through the CoolSculpting process, and offer recommended treatments.

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Curious about what kind of results you can see from CoolSculpting? Check out our gallery of CoolSculpting before and after photos featuring real patients from our office!

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