5 Most Popular Surgeries for Moms

mother after mommy makeover walking on beautiful beach with daughterHave you ever heard of a “mommy makeover”?

This growing trend is used to describe plastic surgery or body contouring procedures women undergo to restore their post-pregnancy bodies.

From sagging breasts to stubborn flab and excess abdominal skin, motherhood can take a real toll on your body. And for many women, diet and exercise simply isn’t enough to reshape their body into the shape they once knew. That’s where the mommy makeover comes into place!

There’s a number of plastic surgeries recent moms can undergo to surgically correct the areas affected by pregnancy and get their pre-baby bodies back again.


Top 5 Mommy Makeover Surgeries

Wondering what the most popular surgeries moms undergo to restore their body? Check these five out:

Breast Augmentation

The weight gain and loss that comes with pregnancy, in addition to your change in hormones and breastfeeding patterns can dramatically affect the appearance of your breasts. Whether you feel your breasts have lost their volume or they’re not as perky as they once were, many moms choose breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, to restore their breast size.

Breast Lift

For those who are happy with their breast size but not the drooping of their breasts, a breast lift is the next best procedure to correcting saggy breasts, giving them back their perky appearance. With a breast lift, excess skin is removed from the lower breast to raise breast tissue and firm breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Struggling to fit back into your pre-maternity clothes? Liposuction is a popular option for mothers to extract fat tissue from love handles, belly flab, saddlebags, and other fat deposits in other areas of the body that developed with motherhood.

Tummy Tuck (or Mini Tummy Tuck)

Diet and exercise can only do so much to help your skin regain it’s elasticity, especially with abdominal skin. A full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck can both tighten skin and removing stretch marks and remove Cesarean section scars.

Lower Body, Thigh & Buttock Lift

Popular with mothers of multiple kids, a lower body lift eliminates loose skin and excess fat around your midsection that has accumulated over several pregnancies. By removing this excess skin, women can achieve the smoother and leaner lower body appearance of their pre-childbearing years.


Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back Again!

In recent years, the number of women undergoing mommy makeover procedures has risen dramatically. Why? Mommy makeovers provide mothers with a renewed sense of self confidence by helping moms look AND feel their best!

Considering a Mommy Makeover in 2019?

Mommy makeovers aren’t just for new moms. Whether you’ve recently had children or you have older children, our plastic surgeries can be tailored to fit your body’s specific needs.

Looking for a less invasive mommy makeover? For some women, CoolSculpting is a great non-surgical option to help get their pre-baby body back.

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