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Cosmetic Breast Surgery & Augmentation

Breast Surgery

For most women, breast surgery is not about keeping up with cosmetic fads or looking like a supermodel. A breast lift, augmentation or other cosmetic surgery is to help them look and feel more like they want to. And Dr. Juan Garcia offers several breast procedures to help achieve these goals.

Dr. Garcia provides high-quality plastic surgery to help women and men feel more attractive and confident. Request a consultation today!

Our Procedures

Dr. Garcia takes the time to understand what you want most from breast surgery, providing you with a personal assessment so he can satisfy your surgical goals. Learn more about the breast surgery procedures he offers in Glens Falls:

Your Rewards

You deserve to be comfortable in your own body and to show the world who you really are. Located in Glens Falls, we believe that surgery has the power to transform lives for the better. Dr. Garcia understands the important link between body image and self assurance—see what’s possible for you by requesting a consultation online by filling out the form below or calling (518) 793-0475.

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